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Thứ Tư, 6 tháng 12, 2023

English translation of the poem "If"

 "If" in life is possible, my love

What would we do?

If to avoid the abyss of despair

Desperate feeling from breaking up

If so, I'd never tasted life's sweet nectar,

The pinnacle of love, affection's vector,

You and I together, forgot about the world

We became one in a lasting moment

In this realm of "ifs," my dearest, so true,

Could we mend naivety, erase the foolish hue?

Let our entwined paths forevermore entwine,

Rebuild the castle, where love's embers shine.

Crazy in love will not lead mistakes

Don't let a mistake turn into separation

Together we'd kneel, our spirits aligned,

What else, my love, could our hearts entwined?

I was lost in folly, a bewildered fool,

Love's madness, a heart's poignant, aching tool.

Yet still, I'd choose the paths where our lives cross,

Meet, like, love, obsession, fight, hurt, separate.

Knowing life's road is one-way, no turning back

With pleas and cries, we cannot alter fate,

But I have to move on, there's a long road ahead

At the end, perhaps our souls may belong to each other again

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